haiti [micro]blogging for 2012-02-16

HELP One Now, child sponsorship

Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. school of ministry and missions instructor. president of fistbump media, llc.

February 16, 2012

HELP One Now, child sponsorship


  • RT @helpendpoverty: NEW POST: Haiti Trip Journal: When Your Sponsored Kid Doesn’t Show Up by @bibledude http://t.co/bzDflSFz #
  • @samo4prez… @chrismarlow just confirmed that @lamarstockton and family will be moving to #capetown #
  • last full day in Haiti, and as expected part of me doesn’t want to leave while the other can’t wait to get home. #soakingupeverylastminute #
  • Back at the Yahve Shamma orphanage for a while today. School is on with other neighborhood kids. One class was singing when we walked up… #
  • our team is giving sponsor letters to the kids in the Yahve Shamma orphange and helping them write back. lots of big smiles! #haiti #
  • child sponsorship provides much more than basic needs. it also connects them to something bigger than their isolated world. @helpendpoverty #
  • Leaving the orphanage now. I feel like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber… “Shh! I hate goodbyes!” #notgonnacry #
  • On our last full day, I can’t help but to reflect on some of the amazing experiences we’ve had so far… http://t.co/SxIQAqEK #powerful #
  • Been talking to @ChrisMarlow about running a bloggers trip to #haiti sometime. AWESOME ideas. Who’d be interested? #
  • Meeting with @troylivesay of Heart Line Ministry here in Haiti. Cool story about figuring out what’s right for healing Haiti. #
  • “What if sponsorships and money dried up? We needed to evaluate what kind of help would be most sustainable.” @troylivesay #haiti #
  • “Now we work with local women to create jobs (selling handmade jewelry and purses) so that they can keep their family intact.” @troylivesay #
  • RT @SandraHeskaKing: Even when you have nothing in your hand, you can still pour out with your heart. ~ @bibledude in #theunlikelymissionary #
Yahve Shamma, orphanage, beds
  • @LindseyNobles @motherletter @ChrisMarlow seriously… we’ll make this #haiti bloggers trip with @helpendpoverty happen. #getpassportready #
  • “How do you know if you’re ‘called’? If you’re asking that question, then you’re probably not.” @troylivesay #
  • thank you @troylivesay for the chat and the tour. you guys are the real deal. #fistbump for #haiti #
  • Amen! >> RT @troylivesay: @bibledude thanks Dan-great being with you all today…God is the real deal-we’re just along for the ride ūüôā #
  • congrats to http://t.co/a0GTibjc SERVE Editor @SoulMunchies on the birth of her baby girl! glad to hear mom, dad, and baby are all well! #
  • back at the house for the evening, and organizing everything for the flight home tomorrow morning. it’s gonna be tough leaving #haiti again. #
  • ever thought about sponsoring a child? i’d like to ask you to join me in investing in the community of Drouin, Haiti… http://t.co/bzDflSFz #
  • final team meeting tonight… I love how everyone feels like this trip poured into them as much as (or more than) they’ve poured out. #haiti #
  • the haitian community has taught us more about being good neighbors than any of us expected. #thingswewillbringhome #



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haiti [micro]blogging for 2012-02-16

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