Now this is must-see TV…

Investigation Discovery is running a series called Hookers: Saved on the Strip featuring the work of Annie Lobert and her Hookers for Jesus ministry.

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Annie speak at The Idea Camp in Las Vegas (on the topic of sexuality and the church). I was blown away by her story and her message. Her testimony is an example of God’s grace, and her ministry extends that grace radically to others where nobody else is.

I remember hearing her say that prostitutes are thrown away by all of society. They’re discarded by men when their services are no longer needed, and they’re thrown away by the church who looks down on them for their sinfulness.

When society looks at these women (and men) as trash, Annie loves them and tell them that they’re worth something. She’s literally saving lives through her ministry, and redeeming what once was lost in women stuck in the sex trade.

I applaud Discovery Networks for running this show, and I’d love to see it get the support it deserves from the church.

The three-part series premiers on Wednesday night, December 8th at 10 PM (9 central).

I not only encourage you to watch this series, but I’d love to see the church support this kind of programming.

Write to Discovery Networks (or do it online here) to give them encouraging feedback about this program. Tell them that you support it and would like to see more faith-centered programming like it. Tweet @discoveryid to let them know that you enjoyed the show.

Tell your friends about the show. Send the links to the videos about it from YouTube.

Don’t let this series go unnoticed.

hookers: saved on the strip [@hookerforjesus on @discoveryid]

by Dan King time to read: 1 min