For sale: soul. A recent eBay listing by a Texas woman offering her soul for sale on eBay has raised lots of conversation and questions. The woman is actually a friend of mine who was doing some character research for movie script that she was writing about a woman who sold her soul on in order to earn money to escape a miserable life. This research has created quite a stir in my friend’s life, and the reaction has ranged from empathetic support to disgust and rage at the fact that someone would take something like that so lightly.

Soul For Sale, sell your soul

The first thing that I want to point out is that my friend is a Christian. She believes in Jesus Christ as her personal savior, and her movie script had a redemptive theme in it as the heroine overcame the struggles in her life. I am actually bothered quite a bit by the fact that some Christians have actually responded to her in anger, rather than reaching out in love. But our conversations have revealed that there is quite a bit of confusion over what exaclty one’s “soul” is, and whether it can actually be “sold” or not.

Here’s my take on the matter, but I would love to hear what you think…

I believe that there are three aspects to our being: body, soul, and spirit.

The body is the purely physical aspect of our existence. It is literally our flesh and bones. When it comes to “selling” ourselves, it is easy to understand how some have sold their bodies in various ways.

Then there is our spirit. This is the purely spiritual aspect of our existence. When we die in the flesh, it is our spirits that go to be with the Lord. Just as there is nothing spiritual about the body, there is also nothing physical about the spirit. The spirit will live forever in heaven or in hell.

Then there is this space called the soul. The soul is made up by our mind, will, and emotions. This aspect of our existence is not really physical, nor is it really spiritual. When you refer to the “soul” of someone, you are usually referring to their character or essence. Our soul is manifested in our thoughts and feelings. It is the definition of who we are. When it comes to selling your “soul,” it is ultimately giving up your right to think, feel, or make decisions for yourself.

This raises some serious questions. Most importantly, if someone sells their soul, can they still be saved and go to heaven. In my opinion, I think that this would be absolutely possible. But let me say that with a bit of a qualifier…

Selling your soul, does not mean that you are selling your spirit. I believe that even if you sold your soul, a saved spirit can still go to heaven. However, I also believe that just as someone who has sold their body can be forgiven and go to heaven, I also beleive that there is still judgement for being so careless with giving someone else the rights to control your mind, will, and emotions.

It also raises the question on how someone can sell their soul. I believe that many people sell their souls bit by bit without even knowing it. I don’t think that there has to be some official transaction, with a deposit into your paypal account. I think that some people gradually give away rights to thier minds and will every day. I see it regularly at work. In the corporate world, people (sometimes knowlingly) give away bits of who they are in the name of acheivement.

So what does it mean to you to sell your soul? Do you believe that it can be sold little by little unknowingly over time? And regardless of how one does it, does it mean that they cannot get into heaven if they do turn over their rights to someone else?

Please offer your thoughts, I think that this is a valuable and important discussion…

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by Dan King time to read: 3 min