I was amazed that the top search terms used to access BibleDude.net over the last few days have all been variations of “how to sell your soul“! At least at the moment, I am even coming up pretty high in the search results for that specific search on Google. This tells me that there is significant interest about the human soul out there, and that people are looking to Biblical resources to try to find the answers.

The BibleDude page that these searches are going to is the recent post titled how to sell your soul on eBay about a friend of mine who did just that (well she listed it on eBay until it got pulled). I’d love to continue this discussion. What are your thoughts on what the human soul is, and do you you think that it can be “sold” either voluntarily or involuntarily? Let’s talk…

top search :: sell your soul

by Dan King time to read: 1 min