In my studies to complete my degree in Church Ministries, I am currently completing a class on Human Relations. One of the big foundations of this course is the idea that the love is an important part of all human relationships, and the source of that love (agape) is from God. This video is a class assignment that touches on the concept of achieving “agape communications” as an essential aspect of maintaining Godly relationships.

Watch the video, and answer the questions that follow…

[youtube 4LjR6v6_4YY Video :: Human Relations – Agape Communications]

Questions to consider (feel free to answer in the comments to this post):

(1) How good of a listener are you? Try turning the focus of the conversation onto the other person, and consider whether they feel like they are being listened to.

(2) How clearly do you deliver messages? Are you sure that your audience knows what you are saying? Do you let emotion control your messages?

(3) Where do you typically stand when conflict arises? Do you rise to the fight, or do you make sure that you put yourself on the same team as the other person to commit to agape and partnering to find a solution?


Human Relations – Agape Communication

by Dan King time to read: 1 min