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Maybe it is the Marine in me. There I learned what it means to be a part of an unbreakable unit. Maybe it is the way that it just feels knowing that you are a part of the best family in all of history. It’s just that one of the greatest things about being a Christian for me is that we are (for the most part) a community. Not just any community, but a special community that gets to experience eternity together in a place where there is no sickness, no pain, and no sorrow.

Seriously, a world with no sickness, pain, or sorrow is SO incredibly far from this fallen world that we live in that it is actually hard to imagine! Pain is a way of life for us. Not only at the physical level, but also the emotional level. I am the father of a diabetic child, and I would give anything to see him not have to live with that “sickness”. When God designed the Garden of Eden, He intended it to be a place where man could walk with Him and fellowship with Him. Imagine having an eternity (at least a few times longer than your entire life) to walk the entire universe with the One that created it. Wow! What a cool place!

In the meantime, we get to walk out our faith here, with each other. And I stongly believe that it is in sharing the love of God with each other that we get to experience walking with God here on earth. When we express the love of God, we are allowing Him to flow through us, and help other believers to experience His love for them. So not only can we experience being with God, but we can feel the expression of His love for us through other believers. Our “community” or “fellowship” with each other may actually be one of the best ways that we can understand what Heaven might be like.

So this Thanksgiving, I thank God for allowing me to be a part of His family. More importantly, I thank Him for allowing you to be a part of His family as well. Be blessed this year on Thanksgiving knowing that there are other family members out there who are thankful for you. Be blessed, and know that “we” are praying for you.

If there is any way that I can pray for you today, please drop me a line at [email protected], or leave a note in the comments to this post so that others can pray for you too. God loves you, and so do I…


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