When we think about the possibility alien life, we usually think about life that comes from a planet in some distant system or other galaxy. But imagine that the one of the planets closest to us had a whole population of other life forms on it. Imagine a completely different race of “people” living there…   so close to home…

Phoenix Mars LanderWell one of the more popular discussions in science these days is around the possibility of “life” on Mars. The Phoenix Mars Lander (pictured here) is sending information back to earth that is leading some to believe that at least the idea of life on Mars is possible. And that idea is scaring the heck out of Creationists that believe that life on Earth is uniquely created by God. That discussion is the topic of a recent article that I came across, and wanted to share…

The Implications of the Hypothetical Discovery of Martian Life for Intelligent Design
by Casey Luskin

The article does a great job in dealing with what life on Mars really means to those who subscribe to Intelligent Design. The bottom line is that the potential discovery life on Mars does not threaten Intelligent Design as much as people might think. Here is a brief overview of the points that Luskin makes…

  1. If there is life on Mars, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it arose there naturally. The assumption of evolutionists would claim that if life exists, then it must have gotten there by blind natural processes. Scientists agree that the odds of this are quite slim, so the question to ask here is, “how do they know that it evolved naturally?”
  2. Building on the first point, life on Mars could have come from Earth. The existence of “Mars rocks” here on Earth as the possible result of meteorite activity means that there is also the possibility of “Earth rocks” on Mars for the very same reason. The possibility exists that impacts on our planet may have sent rocks with Earth life on them deep into space, and then landing on Mars. Life there could literally be interplanetary trash from our own planet.
  3. Even if the ingredients (water, amino acids, and other necessary building blocks) were all there, it doesn’t mean that they come together in the right way for life to evolve. Luskin uses the analogy of putting all of the ingredients of a cake into a bowl not resulting in a cake. The existence of the proper ingredients does not mean that all of the other right conditions exist to make the evolution of life occur from that.

What amazes me the most about this whole thing is the idea of how the evolutionists seem to be guilty of the very thing that they accuse those that believe in Intelligent Design of, and that is being irrational. It is simply not rational to say that life on Mars supports evolution because it could only exist otherwise. The fact is that “life” on Mars can be easily explained in an Intelligent Design model, and is actually less likely in an evolutionary model.

This makes me wonder why evolutionists push so hard to prove something that is less logical. Why do they wholesale reject even the very idea that Intelligent Design could be the answer? But part of the answer to this is based in the idea that they are starting with a completely different worldview than what I have. While there are some variances to some of these, I see worldviews falling into three categories…

  • Naturalist – the belief that only the physical exists
  • Spiritualist – the belief that only the spiritual exists (the physical is merely a manifestation of what is perceived in the spiritual)
  • Biblical Christianity – the belief that both the physical and the spiritual exist

You see, my perspective on the existence of life is founded in the idea that the physical life that we experience was created by a spiritual being. If someone does not believe in the spiritual, then the idea of an Intelligent Designer (God) as a non-physical entity simply is not possible. Therefore, only purely physical explanations can be used to describe the origins of life.

Therefore, when “debating” the origin of life with evolutionists, the issue of the existence of a spiritual world must be dealt with first. This makes me want to write a series of posts on dealing with these worldviews, and how those with the Biblical Christianity perspective can and should interact with those who are starting from opposing perspectives. This is the core issue when talking about the origin of life…

Thoughts? Comment freely…

life on mars?

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