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Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

February 26, 2011

Adoption and Foster Care

  • i was in charge of a $10million building project, but seeing these orphans face to face forced us to re-evaluate. – @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • every church should have an orphan care ministry. @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • RT @sethhaines: “we have to start with the needs of the child, and we must start with how to preserve family.” @johnwcarr #ICOrphan#
  • RT @sethhaines: An orphanage is not a permanent place, but a temporary place of transition. – @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • RT @DeborahSWest: Man made orphanages for children; but GOD made the FAMILY for children! @johnwcarr #ICOrphan#
  • we’ve got to make sure that this (orphan care) movement doesn’t become a fad. @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • we’ve got to keep this orphan care movement grounded in Scripture. @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • i don’t have to care for orphans, i GET to care for orphans. @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • RT @decart: A conformed mind is temporary. A transformed mind is permanent. Ever see a butterfly go back to cocoon? -@johnwcarr #ICOrphan#
  • so many times when we say “God, i can’t do this,” He responds “thank you.” @johnwcarr #icorphan#
  • Jesus thank you. Thank you for what you did for us. Thank you for the privilege of caring for orphans. @johnwcarr #icorphan#

  • dan curver’s book: Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living through the Rediscovery of Abba Father #icoprhan#
  • RT @DeborahSWest: Orphan Care is not limited to the LARGE CHURCH; the SMALL church has the advantage! @DanCruver #ICOrphan#
  • RT @LindseyNobles: weightiness in this room, around this topic, is the glory of God & it’s crushing in the best ways. @bennockels #icorphan#
  • RT @DeborahSWest: 33 kids in OKC slept in a shelter last night. 33 is something a church of 150 can do something abt! @BenNockels #ICOrphan#
  • RT @megantaylor312: “We need to do what we can on thus side of eternity….rescue” -@caseyhenagan #ICOrphan#
  • RT @KevinDeShazo: 85% of men in US prisons are from a fatherless background. @caseyhenagan #ICOrphan#

[youtube ZPybnDR2E9E nolink]

  • A Story of Hope (video by Jason Locy of FiveStone)
  • RT @Dave_Truman: “‘I am going to pray that God will change your heart’, which is a completely unfair tactic” Jason Locy #
  • Q ideas resource mentioned by Jason Locy: #icorphan#
  • RT @amberin140: I wonder if I wasn’t so selfish how much richness my life would have. -Jason Locy #ICOrphan#
  • if you foster parent, you go into it knowing that you’ll have that child for a season. but can have a great impact. – Susan Duke #icorphan#
  • RT @charlestlee: Anyone else think @joshbottomly resembles @realrobbell? #ICOrphan 🙂 #icorphan#

Blogger’s Panel: The Online Activist and the Weary Reader

  • RT @theideacamp: Great pic of @amberrunsamuck @WeareTHATfamily @bibledude in the bloggers breakout by #icorphan#
  • (since I was a part of this panel, I’ll follow-up with a full post with my thoughts on the discussion… coming soon!)

Preemptive Orphan Care & Development

  • RT @quinonez: Are you really waiting on God? Or God really waiting on you? @charleslee #icorphan #fb #
  • RT @kelciehuff: You don’t have to pray about whether to help orphans. It’s a Biblical mandate. @charlestlee #ICOrphan#
  • RT @nattibeth: Love hearing the hearts of Emily & Moody Alexander at #ICOrphan @emilyalex
  • RT @99balloonsorg: Abe is the greatest thing that ever happened to our family. Emily Alexander #icorphan Abe is missing large part of brain. #
  • RT @EstherHavens: so cool! @aglimmerofhope getting lots of love on stage at #icorphan from Emily & Moody Alexander #
  • how do we empower the indigenous church in (third world countries)? @cristinsmith #icoprhan#
  • RT @DuaneChaffin: The “Good News” to those that are hungry is food @ cristinsmith #icorphan#
  • RT @nicolewick: Economic, transformational development requires a multi-decade commitment and plan @cristinsmith @worldvision #icorphan#

  • we support the orphan’s need to work and find value in themselves. @jscottbrown #icorphan#
  • sustainability is what keeps me up at night. you can’t just start a program and expect it to run itself. @jscottbrown #icorphan#
  • partnering with the local (indigenous) church is the only way to make our efforts sustainable. @jscottbrown #icorphan#
  • RT @joshuasegraves: Just uploaded new photos to the #ICOrphan Flickr Page:
  • the greatest limitation is access to education, resources, technology to grow food to sustain life. @mbrayster #icorphan#
  • RT @slidingstairs: My fav part of #icorphan – hearing story after story of how God is using ordinary people to do what only He can. #
  • “how does your work reveal Christ’s power over death in the life of the orphan?” @mbrayster #icorphan#
  • food production is important, but we must also support the full supply chain models. @mbrayster #icorphan#
  • RT @megantaylor312: “God, I’m not sure what the question is yet, but the answer is yes.” -Chris Thornton #ICOrphan#
  • RT @sethhaines: I don’t want to artificially act. I want to be involved with the works set out for us. – Jody Farrel #ICOrphan#

[vimeo 12093789 nolink]

  • don’t forget haiti: sidewalks (video) #icorphan#
  • RT @alonzodejesus: RT @theideacamp: Never sacrifice speed for sustainability – Elizabeth Styffe #ICOrphan#
  • RT @DeborahSWest: what are we doing to help churches take children permanently into their home? @ElizabethStyffe #ICOrphan#
  • RT @DeborahSWest: the greatest untapped resource – the person in the pew! don’t do what the local church can do! @ElizabethStyffe #ICOrphan#
  • it’s not about money. it’s not about material things. we need personal involvement. @kidmiaorphans #icorphan#
  • the focus on he family is important. it’s all about the family. @kidmiaorphans #icorphan#
  • if they have no family, we still put them in the community. they keep the culture and identity. @kidmiaorphans #icorphan#
  • RT @MeganInStones: Seek preservation of family, extended family, domestic, international adoption in that order. @kidmiaorphans #ICOrphan#
  • see adoption launching in ethiopia… #icorphan#

  • RT @ronnerock: We think Western Church is the hope. But the Gospel through the GLOBAL church is the hope of the world. @DanCruver #icorphan#

Orphan Care for the Everyday Activist

  • RT @jdfaddis: Great discussion going on in “Orphan Care and the Everyday Advocate” @bibledude #ICOrphan /// thanks! great to meet you! #
  • (since I led this workshop, I’ll follow-up with a full post with the details of the session… coming soon!)

Closing Session

For more perspectives on adoption/orphan care check out what I’m sharing related to #icorphan.


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live [micro]blogging at #icorphan for 2011-02-26

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