I’ve been looking forward to #icorphan ever since the announcement came out at the last Idea Camp conference!

I’ll be joining an amazing lineup in NW Arkansas (and streaming live on the web) on February 25-26 as we collaborate on how the church can impact the world in the area of orphan care.

I’m representing my new project, Activist Fatih, as I facilitate a workshop called Orphan Care for the Everyday Activist. In this session we’ll be discussing ways that the average dude (or dudette) sitting in the church can make an impact, even when adoption isn’t an option.

I’m also organizing a writing project at The High Calling on adoption and orphan care. We’ve found several members in the network who have some incredible stories to tell, and we’ll be featuring many of those stories on the website.

On this post, I’ll keep a running list of the posts that I write as well as the ones we feature over at The High Calling…

From BibleDude.net/ActivistFaith.org

From TheHighCalling.org


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