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Written by Dan King

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May 7, 2012

For me, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

I’m trying to be more intentional about giving (and dealing with my excess). As I write this, it’s possessions month in [the 7 project]. And that means we need to give some things away. More importantly, we need to be intentional about finding where the needs are, and give things away there.

So after publishing my Skype interview with Jen Hatmaker, I head Abby and Fernando from SpiritFM 90.5 talking about this ‘Movers for Moms‘ initiative with Two Men and a Truck.

The idea is simple… 

  1. People give items.
  2. The folks at Two Men and a Truck deliver them to women’s shelters on Mother’s Day.

I can’t think of a better way to be a blessing on Mother’s Day.

The women in these shelters are victims of domestic abuse or are transitioning from homelessness. This usually means they have very little, and their children lack the means to be able to bless their mothers on this special day.

As many of us participating in [the 7 project] have recently been evaluating our closets, I think of that beautiful dress with the tags still on it that could find its way to one of these shelters. A child searches the items and finds this dress to give to his/her mom. The mom tries it on, and for the first time in a long time… she feels beautiful.

If this is something you want to be a part of, then check out the Movers for Moms page at the Two Men and a Truck website for more information about how you can help. There’s even some contact information for a Movers for Moms team so you can figure out what’s being done in your area.

Happy Mother’s Day!

[the 7 project] at an experimental mutiny against excess



  1. Hen Segal

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I am sure they will really helpful!

  2. Raylene Penderel

    I know, moms has to realize it is normal activity and you have to relax and hire a reputable company. My father is a field engineer and my mother always get angry, when he has to shift.


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movers for moms

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