peternevlandThis music feature is a little different than most, but a treat nonetheless. I’d like to share a cool piece called “no one told me” by slam poet Peter Nevland.

Peter doesn’t come from a background of hardship like many with strong messages do. Rather he comes from the average middle-class America where he didn’t have a lot of real struggles. And it is this experience that he tends to draw from in his poetry. His style is real and raw. It is very cool stuff, yet still very thought provoking.

In this poem he realizes some things about himself, and through it challenges us to ask ourselves some serious questions. I know that this poem has made me think about what I was created to do. Now I just ask you, “what is it that no one ever told you?” Enjoy…

[youtube 1OQ4zAtvExQ Video :: Peter Nevland, No One Told Me]

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music monday: peter nevland, no one told me

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