Music Review: Wonderful King by Dan Beiler

Written by Dan King

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August 14, 2007

Okay, okay, I’m a little biased on this one. Dan Beiler is a friend of mine, and has been a big part of the worship teams not only for the church that I attend, but also for the Young Adults Ministry that I lead. But, I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks that this guy is talented. This song is one of his many original songs, and has become a staple in the worship services at our church. It is vertical worship at it’s purest. The focus of the song is simply on lifting our praises to the Wonderful King. Check it out…

[youtube zvim8Jn3c3M Video :: Wonderful King by Dan Beiler] 

One of the most amazing things to me about Dan Beiler is that he is extremely gifted musically. He has never had any formal training in music, and I have literally seen him pick up an instrument that he has never played before, and within minutes he plays it like he has played it for years! God has certainly gifted him as a musician!

Dan still has not recorded any of his own music, and is not signed by any recording label. I really hope to see that happen for him someday, but if you ask him, he’ll just tell you that “the music belongs to God” and that he just enjoys being a part of delivering it. I don’t think that even Dan realizes just how talented he really is. But, here’s the best part…

Dan just left our church for a season to attend school at Christ For The Nations in the Dallas, TX area. If you are not familiar with it, this school has a very notable music program, and has produced some great talent over the years. I just cannot think what might happen for Dan as he takes his incredible, raw talent, and gets it all polished up with some formal training.

This has also made me think about what message I want to share about Dan and his music. I’ve talked to him quite a bit as he has prepared to move out to Texas, and he is nervous about the unexpected, but excited to see what God has for him. I think that Dan would be very comfortable staying home and playing his music at our church, but I know that God will bless his desire to reach out for more. Not more fame, but more of Him.

So I challenge you to get up and go do something. Not one of us has “arrived” and is achieving all that God has gifted us to do. Maybe a better term here instead of “gifted” is “equipped”. Think about the raw skills that God has blessed you with, and find a way to develop them so that you can bring the most Glory to God. Isn’t your Wonderful King worth it?



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Music Review: Wonderful King by Dan Beiler

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