[serialposts]There’s so much noise in the world today that it can be difficult to remember what silence sounds like. And with all of this noise, it can also be difficult to clearly hear God’s voice.

Here’s the best example that I can think of to illustrate what I think ‘the noise’ looks like…

I’m on Twitter. Now imagine that God is on Twitter too, and that’s the channel He decided to use to communicate with us. But even as a follower of God, His tweets are going to appear in a stream of thousands of other tweets from other people. Sometimes I’ll miss a tweet, and other times I’ll catch one in the tweet-stream… probably because someone else re-tweeted it. Mixed in with all of that I’m blasted with thousands of other tweets with links to blog posts from people who are trying to tell me what they believe God is saying.

With all of that noise… how can I possibly clearly hear what God is saying to me?

In this next part of my conversation with Margaret Feinberg, I ask her why she thinks we have such a hard time listening…

[youtube yfdjLEGfmrA nolink]

on listening to God’s voice [an interview with @mafeinberg]

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