Dear Ann,

I’ve been reading your new book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, and I wanted to share a few things that’ve been on my heart since I’ve started reading it.

Your life humbles me. I read your words and find myself struggling to wrap my mind around the things you’ve experienced, yet you still find the Beauty of the Lord in ways that most of us can only dream of. Your life is this incredible act of worship, and I pray God would use me even a fraction of how He’s used you.

Your words… they reveal the beauty, grace, hope, and glory of our King.

Your writing inspires me. You make me want to be a better writer. Not to write more like you, but to write more like me. When I read your words, I can see your face and hear your voice. Just like that time when we were talking about how our recent mission trips challenged us as we returned home into a world of plenty (or sometimes excess).

I remember the #fistbump and encouragement that you shared with me while we gathered overlooking the Frio as iron sharpened iron. And as I read One Thousand Gifts, I see the same face… hear the same voice… encouraging me and so many others.

That’s just who you are. And I think the greatest compliment that I can give you about what you’ve done with this book is that in it I see you. I see my friend. I see my sister in Christ. I see someone who inspires many with life, which is this amazing and beautiful act of worship.

You’ve inspired so many others to recognize and share their #1000gifts, so I wanted to start my own #1000gifts list too:

#1 – Page 1 of One Thousand Gifts

#2 – Page 2 of One Thousand Gifts

#3 – Page 3 of One Thousand Gifts

(I could do this for a while, so for the sake of space I’ll skip a few here…)

#225 – Page 225 of One Thousand Gifts

#226 – Page 226 of One Thousand Gifts

#227 – Page 227 of One Thousand Gifts

Yes, Ann, you’ve read that right. I believe that every page of this beautiful book is a gift. And I know that in your humility you’ll probably be shaking your head in disbelief, but it’s true. Your words… your life Ann… bless me. So there’s one more that I want to add to my list right now…

#228 – My friend Ann Voskamp

I pray that this book continues to reach and inspire many more, just as it’s reached and inspired me. Thank you Ann.

All is grace,


open letter to @annvoskamp [a review of #1000gifts]

by Dan King time to read: 2 min