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July 11, 2013



With your big deeds and small acts, you inspire. Here’s a round-up of favorite others-centered finds from around the web:

Getting Egged by Mark Buchanan.

Don’t worry. The egging Mark Buchanan talks about doesn’t include a messy clean-up. Fab quote: “Most my life I’ve practiced a thin version of generosity, where my giving is only a disguised form of purchasing– I give expecting something back, some service, some privilege, some influence, some pat on the back.”

Three Things About One Word: Serving by Kathy Escobar.

Oh, not only is Kathy Escobar wise, she is uber generous and allowed me to share this post back at my place in February. The wisdom in her writing never gets old. Great quote, ” If we’re not careful, ‘serving others’ can be a way to stay protected and one-up from others.” Bam.

100 Ways to Give Back Over Summer Break by Lisa Van Engen.

We all love a good list and Van Engen doesn’t disappoint. Numbers 45, 47, and 49 all have my attention.

Teamwork: Serving God by Mel Caldicott

A post including three big ideas one which includes the idea of service beginning in the home. Favorite quote: “You may not be called into full-time ministry with your spouse or as a family, but there are times in our lives when we can bless others by serving together as a family. The opportunities this gives us to understand our loved ones better, see God working in their lives and experience fun, and fellowship together through helping others and serving God are immense.”

Activist Faith Releases Next Week by Daniel Darling.

People are talking about Activist Faith. It releases on July 15th. That’s next week, people. Hop on over and hear what readers are saying.

What inspiring words have you read lately? Feel free to leave the link or give a shout out.


  1. Lisa Van Engen

    Great round up. Can’t wait to read them all.

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Yes! I hear that Lisa Van Engen writes some good stuff.

  2. Beth

    Love this and can’t wait to check out all your links. (((hugs)))

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Thanks for stopping by. The links are fab! Thanks to all of the authors who make serving others a part of what they talk about online!


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posts about serving others from around the web

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