What in the world will I have to give them?

As I get ready to head down to Haiti, I pray that God would prepare me to leave a deposit of something that will last well after I leave. Our church is committed to staying for the long-term to see the healing and rebuilding process through. But the more I prepare for this trip, the more I realize that they’ve got something that I want.

When I interviewed Seth Barnes from Adventures in Missions, he told me how he was blown away by the singing and dancing in the streets. The people he encountered worshiped God with a greater fervor than we don’t typically (if ever) see here in the States.

Then on Memorial Day weekend a pastor and elder from my church visited some ministries in Haiti that we will be working with for many other trips to come. They also found people who are unabashedly sold out to God.

They have nothing, yet they praise God like he’s given them everything.

This video is from the recent scouting trip with Pastor Tom Wilhoit and Bruce Mast from our church. In this video you’ll see why we’re going to help, and maybe a little bit of what I hope to bring back…

[youtube U_OlL8Q4Jp0 nolink]

Please join me in praying for our team (of 48 people) who are going down on August 6th, and for the people in Haiti. Not only is there still lots of rebuilding that needs to be done, but lots of healing as well. One thing that’s for certain is that God is alive and active down there, and I look forward to joining Him in what He’s doing!

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scouting the land [mission to haiti]

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