When we see value in something, we will pursue it with everything that we have.

fishingI know that there are jobs that I’ve really wanted, so I’ve done almost whatever it takes to get that job. When I wanted to buy something that I thought that was really cool, I’ve learned to save money like nobody’s business. I’ve seen friends (old partying buddies of mine) who chase after God with everything they have once they realize the value of the salvation that they’ve received.

In the introduction of his new book Servolution, Dino Rizzo tells the story of how he was determined to not let his wife-to-be get away. Basically he saw how valuable she was to him so he did whatever it took to make sure that he got a ring on her finger. Dino uses this illustration to show us how God feels about every single one of us…

The heart of God Almighty sees the people in our homes, in our cities, in the cubicles next to us, and down the street. He values them as prizes He is unwilling to go without, and He looks intently into our hearts and says, “Let’s do whatever it takes — no matter the cost. We can’t let them get away!”

God wants to draw every person on the face of this earth close to Him! And for those of us who are already following Him, He invites us to be a part of this exciting work!

Dude! How cool is that?!

The most creative being in the universe wants us to be a part of drawing people closer to Him?! Are you kidding me? He actually trusts us to try to be the connection with people that makes them say, “Hey, that Jesus Dude is alright with me!”

What an amazing, and rewarding work that we get to be a part of!

This book is about an exciting journey…   One that moves people right into the arms of their Savior! And as we dive into this group blogging project, we will hear from an incredible lineup of people as they share their thoughts chapter by chapter through that very journey.

It is my prayer that you not only be blessed by this conversation, but also that you would be changed. I challenge you to follow through with the ideas that you are about to read here. Don’t let this be just another interesting article that you’ve read, but something that stirs your heart. In fact, I challenge you to be the conversation, and not just observe it. Let this conversation help you to see the lost of this world the way that God sees them, and that you would place the same value on their lives that He does. And when you do, I pray that He takes you on an amazing journey not only with His people, but also with Him!


[servolution] introduction: we can’t let this one get away

by Dan King time to read: 2 min