[serialposts]I’m fat.

Technically, the BMI calculators I just used tell me that I’m obese. My ever-increasing waistline is a clear example of my excess in the area of food. And watching my fat-pants get even tighter is a constant reminder that I’ve got to do something, because going up another pant size is just a testimony to my gluttony.

Especially with so many people in the world going to bed hungry tonight, I really struggle with the idea that I seem to be getting more than my share… and then still end up throwing the excess in the trash.

Hunger isn’t just a third-world problem either. There are people everywhere who don’t have enough to eat. I could give you some pretty incredible statistics, but it only takes a second or two on Google to see how big the hunger problem is today.

This month’s challenge is to cut the excess in the area of food. I couldn’t be more excited to step into this one, but I’m also more freaked out about this than just about anything else I’ve done in a while. I know that this is going to be difficult, like really difficult. But I also know that it’ll be an experience that has the potential to change things, like really change things.

In the book (7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess), Jen Hatmaker did 7 foods for an entire month… chicken, eggs, whole-wheat bread, sweet potatoes, spinach, avocados, and apples.

I’ll be doing it similar to how most of her ‘council’ did it, but with my own little personalized twist:

Each of these meals connect me to something significant in my life. And just as important as what I am eating is what I’m not putting into my mouth. I’m giving up all sodas and other awesome drinks, and deferring to water. I’m also giving up all the other snack-meals, and eating out (no fast food or convenience dining). What you see on my list of meals above is all I’m doing… with a water chaser.

I know that others joining us will be doing other things, including a Daniel Fast.

How you do this isn’t as important as what you allow God to do in and through you as you intentionally step away from excess in the area of food in your life right now. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to cut back in my own excessive lifestyle, and to take some of that excess to help someone who doesn’t have enough.

That’s why I want to challenge you to do something outward as you cut back on what you do inward. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Clean out the pantry of stuff that you haven’t used in more than a few weeks, and give it to a local food bank/pantry. Feed someone with the excess that you don’t need to hold on to right now.
  • Sponsor a child in another country. I’ve recently been able to see the impact of child sponsorship firsthand. These programs often provide the only meal a child may get in a day in some communities. Consider joining me with HELP One Now by sponsoring a child in Haiti or parts of Africa.

As you step into this month of mutiny against excess in the area of food, I just pray not only that God would sustain and strengthen you, but also that He would use your experience to impact the world around you for His glory!

What are you doing? How are taking on this challenge this month?

Are you a participating?

Then we want to hear your stories! Feel free to jump into the discussion here in the comments anytime throughout the month. If you have blog then you can use the banner image below to show people that your [the 7 project] stories are a part of this project, and then use the linky tool to share the links to your blog post (or Facebook Notes) so others can visit and encourage you.

Our hope is that this online community will become a sort of virtual ‘council’ where we can support and encourage each other as we walk this out together!

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[the 7 project] month one: food

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