[the #haiti diaries] in nadine’s words

Written by Nadine Schleicher

I am a Christian; I love God with all my heart and can't do anything without His help and strength!! God has given me a Heart and passion for Medical Missions, at this point I am not exactly sure where this will take me but I am very excited to see where God leads me!! I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and currently I am looking into going for Surgical Tech training.

September 24, 2010

Hi, my name is Nadine and Dan asked me to share with you all an overview of my thoughts about the Haiti trip!! Enjoy!!

First of all I just want to praise God for all the lives He allowed us to touch and speak to while we were there!!

As I was leaving for Haiti with 46 other adults and youth from my church I wasn’t sure what to think, I was unsure what the next 10 days would hold, how I would handle the heat and how much the language would be a barrier. As we flew over Haiti God began to give me a passion and heart for the people, this grew over the 10 days we were there.

The first full day in Haiti (Saturday) was a work day around the boys Orphanage where we stayed; we painted the inside of a church, painted the kitchen, and tiled 2 kitchens. After the work was done I met a girl named Jacqueline, she was the first person I attempted to communicate with, and though the language barrier was difficult we somehow understood most of what each other were saying. She was a precious teenager who was so happy we were there to spend time with. She also taught us Christian songs and games in Creole!!

As the week went on and we did a couple outreaches and VBS’s God gave me the opportunity to encourage, hold and love on the kids. As I looked into the kids eyes I could see the fear and sadness that lingered in their lives. At one point a riot broke out amongst the kids over some food and I had 3 girls just clinging to me with fear, God gave me the strength to comfort the kids and provide safety for them. We also had an opportunity to go to a remote village on an island where we fed Haitian’s that hadn’t eaten in 3wks. I believe seeing these kids that were malnourished and desperate for food had the greatest impact on me.

I had several more opportunities over the week to pray for and minister to both kids and adults. I was very encouraged at the attitude of the Haitians at Church; they had an indescribable joy. God really grew a passion in me for the Haitian people while I was there that I know I will have for the rest of my life. The last church service we attended was the hardest, as the Pastor’s thanked us for coming and aiding them and their congregation’s I just started to weep. I did not want to leave the precious people and children of Haiti. I pray that someday God will allow me to return and minister to the Haitians.


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[the #haiti diaries] in nadine’s words

by Nadine Schleicher time to read: 2 min