@theideacamp family week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

Written by Dan King

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September 25, 2010

Life in a fallen world is tough. Not only do we have to live it out ourselves, but we also have to raise up the next generation to do the same… hopefully without too much heartache.

For several weeks now bloggers everywhere have shared their stories related to pornography, abuse, orientation, and other issues. And throughout the series, it’s not difficult to see that there is a LOT of brokenness out there.

This week was FAMILY WEEK, the sixth of the six-week series of discussions on various sex-related topics. And one thing that seemed to be on most people’s minds is, “how do we talk to our kids about this?” It certainly seems that while we find healing for ourselves, we definitely want to do everything we can to make sure that our kids grow up with healthier perspectives on sexuality than we did.

Here’s a quick recap of the posts that we saw come in this week:

  • On a Friday Afternoon
    Nicole Wick opens up a series of posts with a story about a visit to a Planned Parenthood office. This deeply touching story starts to dig into the pain associated with unwanted pregnancy.
  • Go Ahead, Creep Your Kids Out! (Kiss Your Spouse)
    Mary DeMuth talks about how setting the right examples with your spouse can teach your kids a great deal about what a healthy relationship looks like.
  • That Talk
    Sarah Markley takes her personal story about struggles with pornography to the next level by exploring how she is going to talk to her own daughters about her failures.
  • Idea Camp Thoughts: Tough Conversations
    Daniel So jumps into the conversation by challenging people to get into the tough conversations and break off the stigma that surround conversation about sexuality in the church.
  • #ICSEX – Dinner Conversation
    Seiji Yamashita shares his concern about how youth tend to brush over the difficult conversations by only wanting to talk about easy things. Then he proposes that the dinner table be used as a platform to connect with our children to explore these often difficult conversations.
  • how (and when) to talk to the kids about sex [#ICSEX]
    Dan King (that’s me) chats with Dr. Thomas Clyburn via Skype to get answers to questions about how and when to talk to your children about sex, and how to avoid the damaging effects of pre-sexualization.

Important posts from one of the #ICSEX Camp Guides, Cris Clapp Logan:

Other posts this week not focusing on orientation:

Let’s keep this conversation going… Which of these posts impacted you the most? Why? What other perspectives on sex slavery do you think are important to share/consider?

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@theideacamp family week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

by Dan King time to read: 3 min