on throwing canned goods and tracts

Written by Amy L. Sullivan

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February 28, 2013

canned goods, tracts, religious tracts, christian tracts

A woman named Amy Sherman said the following about the Good Samaritan:

“It’s not like he stood on the other side of the road and threw canned goods and religious tracts at the guy. He crossed the road. He got up close and personal. He dirtied his own hands.”

Isn’t that a great visual?

: :

Here, I know you’re hungry. I’m going to toss you a can of Great Value French Cut Green Beans, and a short reading on Jesus.

Just stay where you are. Really, it works best if we both remain in places we know.

Here it comes.


One, two, three.

Nice catch, friend. Jesus loves you!

Now, get ready for a can of stewed tomatoes and a fantastic, plastic cross bracelet.

: :

I don’t want to hit people over the head with soup and God from a distance.

God, give us the strength to stop throwing canned goods and tracts and the courage to put one foot in front of another and walk across the street.

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    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Shelia, yes, yes…now if I can just apply this to my life!

  1. Diane Bailey


  2. Amanda Johnston Hill

    Good reminder that we need to get our hands dirty. Something I need to be better about doing myself. . .

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      I think we can all do better that way for sure.

  3. SimplyDarlene

    Indeed! Interestingly, we went on a homeschool field trip today to the local food pantry & senior center… There weren’t no tossing going on there, just kind lovin’!


    • Amy L. Sullivan

      Simply Darlene,
      “Kind lovin” is exactly the type of lovin’ I like!

    • Patricia W Hunter

      I think one of the best homeschool field trips we ever took was to a soup kitchen in a somewhat “scary” neighborhood where they kids did everything from serving to cleaning up. I wish we’d done that more often.

  4. Patricia W Hunter

    Excellent reminder, Amy. It’s so much easier to write a check, isn’t it? Not to say that we shouldn’t do that, too, but if are care for the least of these doesn’t include our love and attention, it’s nothing more than a “clanging gong.”

    • Amy L. Sullivan

      I’ve been known to write a check or two, and then feel good about my detached way of giving…not to say checks aren’t important! But investment in more than just the paper variety is a must!


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on throwing canned goods and tracts

by Amy L. Sullivan time to read: 1 min