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Sometimes the biggest impact that we can have is not merely in the lives of those we help, but in the lives of those we have the greatest influence over… our kids.

When I talk with a guy like Dan Ohlerking, I see a man who’s making a huge impact on the world around him. But that didn’t start with him.

I love how Dan talks about his dad. It’s obvious how much of an impact Dave Ohlerking has had on the life of his son. The simple fact that Dan has so much passion for the organization (Children’s Cup) that his parents started speaks volumes about what a father has sown into the life of his son.

In this last part of my interview with Dan, we talk about the book of stories that his dad wrote about his missionary journeys. It’s a book called Walk With Me: Through Some Hard Places of the World, and is a compilation of experiences that Dave Ohlerking penned while traveling the world sharing the Love of Christ with those in need.

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walk with me [an interview with @danohlerking]

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