I take on lots of projects through my work associated with this website. Sometimes it seems like it’s too much. But I almost can’t imagine not doing some of this stuff.

In addition to working my regular full-time job as a training development manager (mostly e-Learning stuff), I manage this website, I work with TheHighCalling.org as their Social Media Editor, I been working on a project with authors Dillon Burroughs and Daniel Darling that we’re calling ActivistFaith,  and I write occasionally for several other websites.

And now I’m taking on a new role…

I’m going to start working with an amazing organization called H.E.L.P. (Help End Local Poverty). I met their co-founder Chris Marlow at some of The Idea Camp conferences that I’ve worked with in the past, and I’ve always been very impressed with what they do.

HELP’s vision is, “To be a global tribe dedicated to ending extreme poverty by helping to rescue orphans, restore their hope and renew their communities.”

They work primarily in places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Haiti. And I’ve experienced the poverty in Uganda and Haiti first-hand, so I’m familiar with the fight that they’re taking on. But they aren’t just trying to pump money into the situation. They’re working to restore hope through Jesus Christ and create opportunities for communities to sustain long-term growth and renewal.

I’ll be working with them on their blog and social media strategies. And if everything goes as planned, it doesn’t mean you’ll see me doing a bunch of writing for them. Rather our hope is to share the stories of the impact of their work through the people who are making it happen… and that could include you!

These guys are doing some amazing work that I really believe in, and I’ll be sharing here from time to time some of how it’s impacting me and my family. Like the time my son decided that he wanted to help build a playground for some orphans in Haiti (a HELP project).

For now, I urge you to check out their site, learn what they’re about, and talk with me about the kind of content and stories that you’d like to see there.

why i’m starting to work with @helpendpoverty

by Dan King time to read: 2 min