what would you want in an android app?

Written by Dan King

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September 14, 2010

I have access to Android’s App Inventor!

Wow… something must’ve fallen through the cracks over at the Google offices in order for them to allow me access to something like this! Nonetheless, I’m beginning development on a BibleDude app for Android phones, and I want (umm.. need) your help!

My question for you is pretty simple…

What would you like to see in a BibleDude app for your phone?

I’m already thinking about some of the obvious stuff like:

  • Text feed of the content from the website
  • Video feed of new BibleDude videos
  • Video feed of newly ‘favorited’ YouTube videos
  • Twitter integration so that you can discuss/send links

And then there is some of the other stuff that I can do using any of the phone’s native functions:

  • Sending a text message (maybe with links to cool content)
  • Using the camera so that you can send pictures of great ministry work being done
  • Use Google Maps to plot out places where great ministry work is happening
  • Use text-to-speech tools to have BibleDude posts read to you

And finally, there are some ideas for new kinds of content that could be delivered using the phone:

  • A potential podcast feed that can be accessed and played on the phone
  • Maybe a community Bible commentary effort where you can submit your own notes into a sort of Bible Commentary Wiki

Some of these things we could probably easily deliver in a version 1 fairly quickly, while others will require much more development effort and will come over time.

But my intent is to do something that adds value, and doesn’t just become a mediocre Bible app or something that you can just get with a mobile browser. That’s why I want to know what you think would be awesome…

What ideas do you have? If there’s anything you think would be cool that you could do with (or through) BibleDude using your Android phone, what would it be?

No ideas are too outrageous! Let me have ’em!


  1. Duane Scott

    Okay. Wow. Very cool. I want to know the instant it’s ready. I love my Android. And when it’s done? I’ll pay you to create one for me. 🙂

    • @bibledude

      I’ll definitely make a big deal about when the #Android app is available, but I really want to know what you’d like to see in it… What would be cool?

      And… you’ve got a deal on creating one for you too!

  2. Seiji Yamashita

    Ah man, and here I am with an iPhone. But if I had an android I’d like to see a random verse generator

    • @bibledude

      If you’re on iPhone, then you may have to switch to Android just so that you can get this app when it’s ready for launch! I like the idea of having a random verse in it… probably on a main screen…

      Besides, I’ve heard lots of reports lately that Android is selling like crazy, and taking over as most popular mobile platform. As far as app development… the big thing for me is just that Google has made app development really easy… iPhone hasn’t. Sorry dude.


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what would you want in an android app?

by Dan King time to read: 2 min