I really love working with the crew at The High Calling Blogs! They make me better in more ways than one. I had an experience recently that really shows how amazing these guys are, and how much we can all benefit from being teachable and willing to listen and learn.

As the Social Media Editor for the network, most people only see me as ‘@thehighcalling‘ on Twitter, or an (invisible) admin on the Facebook page. I don’t get the opportunity to write for the site very often, unless it has something directly to do with social media tips and strategy.

However, I had the chance to share a little bit about my recent mission trip to Haiti, and worked with Sam Van Eman to publish a story through our ‘culture’ category. Sam was pretty tough on me, but we worked over my initial draft into something that communicates my heart much better than what I was able to get ‘on paper’ by myself.

What I particularly appreciate is that I always knew Sam had my intent in mind rather than trying to force something that he thought needed to be there. The end result is still my story, but one that’s much better than my initial draft.

Let me show you what I mean. Check out the opening paragraph…

My recent trip to Haiti rocked me in ways I never expected. Being exposed to that level of poverty is gut-wrenching enough, but add to it the destruction from January’s earthquake and the experience becomes rather difficult to put into words. While I saw lots of reasons to believe that healing will come, on the surface the circumstances there still seem desperately hopeless.

And what I started with sounded something like this…

I went to Haiti, and it was awesome. I had a really, really, really good time. I met lots of people, and *burp* (excuse me) *burp* (excuse me again) …and they were really, really, really poor. Really. Now I’m gonna tell you about something really cool that I saw…

Well… okay, maybe that’s not my actual first draft of the post… But the one we ended up with was really good (especially compared to my initial attempt).

My point is that I learned a great deal about what it really means to be teachable, and I’m really happy with the end result because I allowed myself to be open to what Sam had to share. I’m also thankful that there are guys like Sam out there willing to spend time on guys like me.

So who do you need to let sharpen you today? In what areas can you open yourself up to be more teachable?

Check out the entire post that I mentioned here: Life Around the Rubble

iron sharpens, umm… iron [how @thehighcalling sharpens me]

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