My seven (and a half) year old son picked up the gift catalog from Heifer International and asked me what it was for. So I explained to him that people like us could buy things that people in very poor places need as a Christmas gift. And because they don’t have much, then buying a goat, a chicken, or a cow would help them more than games or toys.

It was an amazing conversation that resulted in both of us wanting to do something for somebody else this year for Christmas.

Deciding what to do wasn’t difficult either. We’ve both been praying for Haiti since the earthquakes, and he’s specifically prayed for the orphans there. I even made a trip there this summer, and lived in an orphanage during my stay.

So I told him about a friend that I recently made at The Idea Camp conference. Chris Marlow runs an organization called HELP (Help End Local Poverty) and an initiative called Garage Sale for Orphans.

One of the current Garage Sale projects is to build a playground for orphans in Haiti. The website describes it this way:

Extreme poverty not only robs children of food, education and proper medical care, but it often keeps kids from just being kids. We want to help meet more than just their basic needs. We want to see them HAVE FUN and just play and be kids!!!

So we’re taking this project on for Christmas this year, and we wanted to invite others to join us. We live in Florida, so it’s reasonable for us to hold an actual garage sale this time of year. But there are many other ways that you can help raise money so that we can meet the goal of $3,500 to give this playground to some Haitian kids for Christmas.

I’ll be sharing about this project over the coming weeks both here and at Christmas Change (I’ll be a guest blogger there this year). And I’d love to offer a couple of guest post posts to anyone crazy enough to take this project on with Samuel and I (no matter where you live).

Here are the posts that I plan on sharing…

Here are some posts that others are writing about this…

If you want to join or support our efforts, then let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to work with you in any way that I can if it means that we can meet the goal of giving this gift to some Haitian kids. You can host your own fundraiser, or even just make an individual donation.

Christmas 2011 Update: So far my son’s efforts have raised $1,365 towards this project. And this year for Christmas H.E.L.P. is running an initiative to complete this playground project. Let me know if you want to help give these kids the gift of play for Christmas this year. I’d love to help share your story.


It’s great to see kids able to just be kids. This gift will impact the lives of many children in Haiti…

all i want for Christmas…

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