It’s all about transforming lives.

I’ve seen this in rural Kenya, as well as downtown in the city where I live in here in Florida. We all want to feel like we’re able to contribute to society in some way.

In fact, I could argue that one of the greatest sources of shame comes from the self-realization by someone that they’re a burden on other people. And a resulting source of frustration comes from not knowing how to change that circumstance.

That’s one of the reasons why I love programs and organizations who work to rehabilitate people into becoming a productive part of society.

But I think this is more than about recognizing the efforts of others in this work.

How does this impact any of the ministry work that you are involved in right now?

What’s your role in restoring hope and dignity in others by helping them become a more productive part of society?

How do you experience this in your own work? 


Video source: TheHighCalling.org

[video] 60 seconds to significance: why is work important?

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