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I’m not surprised a lot by this month’s list of what readers are getting themselves into. It was a month when I was on a mission trip to Haiti doing a great deal of work with orphans and the poor. So to see several books on these issues on this list is encouraging because it tells me that what we’re doing is striking a chord and making many want to dig deeper.

I also know that I’ve shared some archived links to older post having to do with sex and sexuality, and I see how that may have converted into added interest in biblical perspectives on the topic. Amen to that!

And finally, there is a Kindle book that outsold MY Kindle book on sales completed through this site. But since we’re doing a 7-month long project on the book, I was really happy to see people diving into that one!

Is there anything on this list that looks particularly interesting to you? What else are you reading that’s not on this list?

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