[12 days of awesomeness] day six: real live preacher

Written by Dan King

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December 16, 2009

real-live-preacherThe next featured blog in this series is one that I honestly had not paid enough attention to for a long time. I’m not even sure why… but I believe that this is one blog that we should all be paying more attention to…

Real Live Preacher is written by Gordon Atkinson, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio. He is also a long-time, regular contributor over at HighCallingBlogs.com. In fact, he’s one of the guys that helped kick it off and give it some real legitimacy!

Gordon’s stuff has an authenticity that I rarely see in Christian blogging. I don’t think that you ever really have to question where he stands, because of how transparent he makes himself. After reading a handful of posts on his blog, you will feel like you’ve been life-long friends with the dude…

He also knows his stuff. He really is a ‘real live preacher’! I have quickly come to trust what he has to say about God and faith, and that is another quality that I think is important in Christian blogging (that is trust).

The bulk of my real interaction with him has been through the HighCallingBlogs.com network, and even though we live and work ‘worlds’ away I can still feel his ‘presence’ as a shepherd. Gordon is a pastor that I’m sure that you would quickly welcome into your life, so I encourage you to check out his blog and start getting to know this awesome man of God…


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[12 days of awesomeness] day six: real live preacher

by Dan King time to read: 1 min