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I met this guy (we’ll call him Joshua) on the street in a popular downtown area one night while he was waiting for a taxi. The first question that I asked him was, “How many brand names of beers can you name?” First there were the easy ones… Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Heineken. Then it got a little tougher, but he was able to pull out some names of a few others… Red Stripe, Samuel Adams, Rolling Rock. In the end, he was able to rattle off about 16 brand names before he decided to stop. He had a great sense of pride after being able to pull off such an impressive list.

Then he was ready for my second question.

My heart started racing, because somehow I knew that this question was going to make him think in a way that I wasn’t sure that he was expecting. In fact I almost didn’t want to ask it, but I mustered up the strength to force the words out of my mouth…

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[] the moment of impact

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