Some books are just done best in community. And I believe L.L. Barkat’s God in the Yard: Spiritual practice for the rest of us is one of those books. It’s practically a handbook for personal communion with God, and it calls for a response from the reader. That’s why we thought it would be a great fit for a group blogging project.

From the description on

Through days and nights of L.L. Barkat’s year of daily outdoor solitude comes an irresistible voice calling you to spiritual practice.

This 12-week course tells a unique story, but it will also invite you to personal growth. You’ll find various options for discovery and participation: free writing, writing response, physical and mental play, and blogging (or alternatives).

We have an incredible team leading us through discussion on this book:

  • Laura Boggess (@lauraboggess) – Special Projects Editor at and Blogger at The Wellspring
  • Krista Burdine (@KristaBurdine) – Blogger at Thoughts from the Well
  • Crystal Rowe (@soulmunchies) – Contributing Editor at, and Blogger at Soul Munchies
  • Duane Scott (@duane_scott) – Contributing Editor at, and Blogger at Scribing the Journey
  • Amy Sondova (@amysondova) – Blogger at Backseat Writer
  • Eric Swalberg (@EricSwalberg) – Blogger at Journey of Words

And here’s our posting schedule:

Introduction (Dan King)

  1. woods: invitation (Crystal Rowe)
  2. rules: the way (Laura Boggess)
  3. look: contemplation (Eric Swalberg)
  4. weep: celebration (Duane Scott)
  5. sky: gratitude (Amy Sondova)
  6. open: prayer (Krista Burdine)
  7. gone: presence (Laura Boggess)
  8. cycle: sabbath (Crystal Rowe)
  9. poetry: silence (Eric Swalberg)
  10. me: self care (Duane Scott)
  11. with: submission (Amy Sondova)
  12. home: hospitality (Krista Burdine)

Author’s Closing Thoughts (L.L. Barkat)
Project Wordle

So stay tuned for some great discussion, and please feel free to jump into the comments and share your thoughts! In the meantime, here are a few things that you can do right now…

  • Buy the book. It’ll be a much better experience for you if you follow along in your own copy of the book.
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god in the yard [group blogging project]

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