It was the first time that most of us had ever seen each other in all three dimensions! It was a virtual team coming together in real-life. And Marcus had something pretty cool planned for us that was right up our alley!

We hit the streets of downtown San Antonio in a game designed to have us engage the community and use social media tools to share what we were doing. Each team had a list of places to visit and activities to complete. And each item completed must be tweeted with a photo and the #goodwork hashtag.

I was on a team with @CherylSmith999, @denadyer, @AnnVoskamp, and @ramblindan. And this is what we did…

For @thehighcalling #goodwork we just bought a Buckhorn Museum employee a drink (feat. @denadyer

RT @CherylSmith999: Our team #goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team just wrote a #goodwork note to the man that made all this possible…

Our @thehighcalling team found a zombie, because @mdgoodyear likes them (#goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team in front of the Emily Morgan Hotel on our#goodwork tour (taken by @annvoskamp

A note from our @thehighcalling team to David Rogers (COO) thanking him for the #goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team left a book at the Alamo for someone with a #goodwork note to inspire them

RT @CherylSmith999: My team at @thealamo #goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team just bought ice cream for someone. She said “I was shocked!” #goodwork

The #goodwork hands of our @thehighcalling team at the historic Menger Bar in San Antonio.

Amos says it’s important to dress professionally “in order to be taken seriously.” #goodwork

RT @CherylSmith999: My job allows me to go on vacations with my family. #goodwork

@cherylsmith999 just let Rene know much we value his service. That’s some #goodwork

Our team just got a business card from someone and sent him an email about his #goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team at the Tussaud Wax Museum on the#goodwork tour.

The feet of our @thehighcalling team at The Landing on our#goodwork tour.

RT @CherylSmith999: At the riverwalk bridge with my team.#goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team at La Villita on our #goodwork tour.

Our @thehighcalling team with The Tower Life building on our#goodwork tour.

Our @thehighcalling team admiring the Tower of Americas on our#goodwork tour.

@felicia_b_ is an artist that says “go for it” regarding her art. She does #goodwork

Our @thehighcalling team at Arneson River Theater on our#goodwork tour.

Our @thehighcalling team found some ducks on the River Walk during our #goodwork tour.

@annvoskamp… you do #goodwork

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#goodwork tour with @thehighcalling

by Dan King time to read: 3 min