live [micro]blogging at #ICSEX for 2010-09-28

Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

September 29, 2010

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Open Q&A Idea-Making Session with Charles Lee

  • @charlestlee is talking about moving from idea-making to implementaion at @theideacamp.. #ICSEX #
  • The first step in idea-making is understanding who you are. It defines what you’ll do. – @charlestlee #theideacamp #
  • Get wisdom from the streets. The most creative ideas will come from those most directly impacted. – @charlestlee #theideacamp #
  • RT @Andrew_Marin: “Ideas: ‘Making time’ must be a core value to move ideas into implementation.” @charlestlee #ICSEX #
  • When developing ministry/outreach ideas, avoid the temptation to over-complicate the idea. Keep it simple. – @charlestlee #theideacamp #
  • RT @decart: Simple, reproducible ideas are the most powerful. –@charlestlee #icsex #
  • Q: What if people steal my ideas? @charlestlee: You should worry when people STOP stealing you ideas. #theideacamp #
  • RT @decart: Hear people from outside your discipline. Get outside your context & cross-pollinate. — @charlestlee #icsex #

Morning Session

  • Most parents assume their kids are ‘good kids’, but no kids are immune from getting into bad stuff online. – @CrisClapp #
  • Parents need to be involved with what their kids are doing online. – @CrisClapp #ICSEX #
  • Using internet filtering/reporting software like X3 Watch and Safe Eyes to monitor your kid’s activity. – @ryan_russell #ICSEX #
  • Some schools support internet safety, but the biggest gap is with educating/empowering parents. – @CrisClapp #ICSEX #
  • There’s nothing unsacred about walking into all kinds of places to share the Gospel. – @ryan_russell (from XXX Church) #ICSEX #
  • RT @HemmedIn: Sexual Orientation: it’s not about an issue, it’s about people. @charlestlee #ICSEX #
  • Too often the church simply says to someone in GLBT is “your way is wrong”. We need to just come alongside them. @david1222 #ICSEX #
  • We need to get a better understanding of what ‘gay Christian’ encompasses. Most of us have got it all wrong. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • At the simplest level, we need to understand that God doesn’t live just inside the four walls of the church. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • Start from a low position, and work to build respect in the eyes of those we disagree with. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • RT @decart: There’s no wrong way to humbly listen and learn. We need to approach GLBT from a stance of love. — @Andrew_Marin #icsex #
  • RT @HemmedIn: We have to pause and listen to the human story. We have to let love work it’s way through incarnation. – @gregrussinger #ICSEX #
  • RT @headsparks: @charlestlee – trafficking is such a huge issue that it takes the whole church to help #icsex #
  • RT @decart: We need to be well-diggers instead of temple-builders. — @melmcgowan #icsex #
  • RT @jessegiglio: Gary Haugen encouraged that the conversation on slavery has moved toward ending it. #ICSEX (@IJMHQ) #
  • The work of justice is giving to use to demonstrate the love of God, but also to shape us over time. – Greg Haugen @IJMHQ #ICSEX #
  • RT @jessegiglio: Sometimes we tell too many stories of frustration & not enough of hope. We need hope. -Gary Haugen #icsex #
  • If you do the right thing for the right reasons, then God has got your back. – Gary Haugen @IJMHQ #ICSEX #
  • RT @decart: Proclamation & demonstration of the gospel is what the church needs to be about. — @bethanyhoang of IJM #icsex #
  • RT @JesseGiglio: Joy is the oxygen that makes obedience possible over a long period of time. -Gary Haugen #icsex (@IJMHQ) #
  • RT @gregrussinger: intentional playfulness, joy as oxygen, see the beauty in what your doing, this will aid in sustainability #icsex @IJMHQ #

General Session

  • RT @crystalrenaud: Listening to Annie Lobert (@hookersforjesus) discuss sex trafficking and the ministry she does. #ICSEX #
  • They are still daughters, they are still valuable. They are not rejected trash. – @hookersforjesus #ICSEX #
  • 90% of women prostituting have been trafficked into that business. – @hookerforjesus #ICSEX #
  • The world throws us away. By men when they’re done with us, and the church by only providing word-service. – @hookerforjesus #ICSEX #
  • RT @nicolewick: Listening to @JudWilhite and @hookerforjesus talking about trafficking and prostitution #ICSEX #
  • RT @headsparks: annie lobert – the church needs to love these girls through the pain, give an overabundance of grace #icsex #
  • When girls leave, they leave the money and their dependency on their pimp. It’ hard leaving that co-dependency. – @hookerforjesus #ICSEX #
  • If you see a girl in your church who hasn’t quit, you just love ’em… no matter how long it takes. – @hookerforjesus #ICSEX #
  • RT @ScottNorth: Women trying to leave prostitution often return 5 to 7 times to that lifestyle before quitting – @hookerforJesus #ICSEX #
  • “I can’t believe that God loves me, but He does.” – @hookerforjesus #ICSEX #
  • RT @gregrussinger: will you commit to long time friendship with others that struggle? seeking to live the greater love #icsex #
  • “I would rather err on the side of grace than on judgement.” – @JudWilhite #ICSEX #
  • RT @cmarkley: Jesus said to forgive to exhaustion, then forgive again. Then He modeled it on the Cross #GraceWins #ICSEX #
  • We need to deal with the sexual addiction in these men (that are creating a demand for prostitution/slavery). – @gregrussinger #ICSEX #
  • A lot of men don’t understand that prostitution is not a choice for most of the women. – @iamgraeser #ICSEX #
  • The root cause of sex slavery is poverty and lack of education. – @iamgraeser #ICSEX #
  • RT @HemmedIn: The church is the hope for the orphan crisis Every person has to play and every church has to engage… – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • RT @angusnelson: orphan crisis & trafficking – the church is the only hope for orphans if we would answer the call @ChrisMarlow #icsex #
  • the ‘normal’ people in the church need to get involved to implement the solutions to poverty/trafficking. – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • RT @headsparks: follow @endingslavery to see how you can make a difference locally #icsex #
  • you can go to your local police department and let them know that you are willing to help victims. – @Jocoles #ICSEX #
  • RT @joshinthe818: “Stop trying to be innovative, be useful!” @gregrussinger #ICSEX #
  • RT @headsparks: @judwhilhite and @lori_wilhite how to talk to yr kids re: sex, so much earlier than you think it needs to be #icsex #
  • RT @gregrussinger: “not as much a purity message as much as a gospel message, @judwilhite #icsex #
  • You have to have an open communication so that there are no secrets, no surprises. – @gregdarley #ICSEX #
  • My hope is to keep the kind of relationship with my kids (now under 10) so that we still talk when older. – @JudWilhite #ICSEX #
  • RT @headsparks: in years before kids turn 10, that’s when we earn the right to be heard later in their lives – @judwilhite #icsex #
  • my son (7) just told me how much he loved me via FB chat. good to hear while away for #ICSEX love that kid! #
  • RT @angusnelson: “I pray that I’d have eyes to see opportunities and courage to have conversations with my kids.” @lori_wilhite #icsex #
  • RT @headsparks: to teach kids grace, generosity & hospitality? eyes to see & guts to take advantage of everyday opps. God gives us #icsex #

Trafficking & Orphan Care

  • talking about trafficking and orphan care in @ChrisMarlow (#ICSEX breakout) #
  • “I made a commitment to God that I would never say ‘no’ to a kid again.” (speaking about starving orphans) – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • “How in the world did I pass through churches and love Jesus, yet ignore this issue (of orphans)?” – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • child sponsorships are absolutely the best way to have an immediate impact on an orphan’s life. – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • RT @jessegiglio: Orphan care is not an option for those who consider themselves practitioners of Christianity… #ICSEX #
  • We have to create economic systems so that the local people can support the orphans themselves. – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • Our presence in poverty-stricken nations means SO much to local people, but we have to empower them. – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • Kids being sold because someone can make money off them is a spiritual warfare issue the church can’t ignore. – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #
  • Using our wealth to help orphans… – @ChrisMarlow #ICSEX #

Closing Session

  • “I want to encourage you first of all that the joy of the Lord is your strength.” – @JudWilhite #ICSEX #
  • “God can use so many of you not only in a big way, but more importantly in a small way.” – @JudWilhite #ICSEX #
  • “The power of the Gospel is alive in our lives, and He can use it in you to be powerful in other’s lives.” – @JudWilhite #ICSEX #
  • RT @jdavidtrotter: “God can use some of you in a big way or better yet in small ways…which add up to a big thing.” @judwilhite #icsex #
  • Next February, the next @theideacamp will be in NW Arkansas, and will be called IC//ORPHANS. – @charlestlee #


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