goodwordeditingWhat can I say about one of the hardest working people in online ministry? Seriously…

I first met Marcus Goodyear a couple of years ago when I joined the upstart network. Initially I joined the network with my other blog, management by God. I remember that he told me that it was exactly the type of work that they wanted to see in that network. In fact, he even had one of my posts featured in the Christianity Today’s Faith In The Workplace newsletter!

I remember that he was always encouraging and supportive in all of my blogging efforts. But that’s not why I’ve listed him here…

A quick look at his blog called will show you just how much he is involved with in various forms of online ministry. But one of the things that I like most about Marcus is that he is really just an average guy. Because he’s not (and he’ll be the first to admit) a big-time personality, it’s much easier to relate to the real life musings that he puts out there for all to see. Marcus shares everything from ministry-related features to personal stories to best practices in blogging that he’s discovering.

I regularly find stuff on that challenges me, and in a lot of different ways. So if you are a blogger, then I encourage you to check it out. Watch and learn…


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