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Written by Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. author of the unlikely missionary: from pew-warmer to poverty-fighter. co-author of activist faith: from him and for him. director of family ministry at st. edward's episcopal church. president of fistbump media, llc.

September 28, 2010

  • NEW POST: [#ICSEX] something’s gotta change: I’ve been waiting for today for a long time. I… #
  • Been chattin’ w/ @cmarkley… and even let him buy me a coffee. That dude rocks! #
  • stage setup for @theideacamp looks pretty cool… #

Opening Session

  • The first reason sexual addiction is a difficult issue culturally is because of the shame that’s associated with it. – Dr Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • Once the sex addict behavior begins, it actually changes the functions of the brain making it difficult to stop. – Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • Sexually addictive behavior happens because it covers/medicates the pain felt in other areas of life. – Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • After a period of time w/ exposure to pornography, the limbic system in the brain looks like a coke-addicts. – Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • Even if you stop the sexually addictive behavior, that doesn’t mean that you’ve taken away the pain. – Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • By the first grade we should begin (appropriately) talking to kids about sexuality, and dads need to lead the way. – Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • RT @JesseGiglio: Primary users of internet porn are 12-17 year olds. #ICSEX #
  • RT @Andrew_Marin: “It’s not the church’s responsibility to teach ur kids abt sexuality – it’s yours!” Dr. Ted Roberts #ICSEX #
  • Women addicted to porn carry lots of shame because they view it as a guy’s issue (not a woman’s). – @crystalrenaud #ICSEX #
  • When you show yourself as vulnerable, others will do the same. Start talking about it… – @angusnelson #ICSEX #
  • RT @benjizimmerman: “How important is it to you to live in freedom?” – @AngusNelson #
  • In the church we put on the happy-go-lucky face, but the truth is that most of us are miserable. – @angusnelson #ICSEX #
  • “You are not alone. No matter what you are dealing with, you are not alone.” – @angusnelson #ICSEX (pornography) #
  • Men should not only be aware of issues important to women, but should also be engaged with them. – @larissalam #ICSEX #
  • More women should be encouraged to teach, mentor, and be poitive role models in the church. – @larissalam #ICSEX #
  • RT @angusnelson: Gender identity should be part of our spiritual formation, apart of Sunday morn curriculum materials.” @sandimorgan #ICSEX #
  • RT @decart: We need the best voices at the table, whether they are male or female. The body needs diverse voices — @charlestlee #icsex #

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Experiencing the Power of Confession by Nicole Wick

  • When dealing with sexual addiction in the church, you must create a culture of listening… allowing confession. – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • Luke 5:20… we experience healing in community. We’re in this thing together. – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • Typically small groups can become a safe place for confession, but MUST be free from judgment. – @nicolewick‘s #ICSEX breakout #
  • Some of the most powerful stories/testimonies are the ones that show healing as a process, where people still struggle. – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • Confession is counterintuitive to us as humans. We fear the judgement/punishment that comes. – @nicolewick‘s #ICSEX breakout #
  • Special ‘rehab’ groups easily get labeled as being for ‘jacked up people. ALL small groups shld be ready for confession. #ICSEX @nicolewick #

Bridge Building Around Homosexuality & Faith by Andrew Marin

  • The cultural version of reconciliation says “when you drop what you believe and come to my side, THEN we’ll be okay.” – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • Can we fully understand what it means to be reconciled to God if we cannot reconcile with those most dislike us? – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • Research shows that the age someone normally first realizes same-sex attraction is 13 years old. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • Can we expect our kids to come to us if we don’t fully understand their worldview and perspective? – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • We literally have to constantly tell our kids that they can come to us at ANY time with ANY issue. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • Six times in the Gospels Jesus went to THEIR synagogues. He dignified their ownership of their institutions. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • RT @nicolewick: So proud of my friend, @Andrew_Marin I love his heart. #ICSEX #
  • Faithfulness is the new evangelism. Faithfulness was the old evangelism until we turned it into a formula. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #
  • In living out our Kingdom job description the outcome is secondary to our faithfulness to the job. – @Andrew_Marin #ICSEX #

Dinner Break

  • Just got off the phone with @kristabelieves and samuel. I love it when samuel prays with me like he did tonight! #
  • @danportnoy @joshinthe818 @larissalam @crisclapp hanging at panera bread for dinner… good times! #

Evening Session

  • “What are you willing to give up in exchange for what He has.” – @cmarkley #ICSEX #
  • If there is a theme for tonight, it is ‘hope’. – @charlestlee #ICSEX #
  • @larissalam talking to @decart and Angela Ferraro about sexual abuse… umm… wow. #ICSEX #
  • RT @charlestlee: Here’s a link to @theideacamp‘s livestream – #ICSEX #
  • People dealing with sexual abuse don’t want you to quote scripture, but rather to just be with them. – @decart #ICSEX #
  • When coming alongside people recovering from sexual abuse we can help them re-find their place in the Body of Christ. -Angela Ferraro #ICSEX #
  • “You can’t sin your way out of my life.” (from a friend when confiding desire for an affair) – @jdavidtrotter #ICSEX #
  • “God’s not done with you yet.” (from a friend when talking about an affair) – @TonyGWood #ICSEX #
  • “While recovering from an affair, nothing in our marriage looks the same as before.” – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • “During the process of recovery, I just needed someone to sit down with me and BE with me.” – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • RT @gregdarley: It’s amazing to hear stories of restoration. The gospel is real! #icsex #
  • “The most difficult thing about recovering from an affair is I was never allowed to apologize to the congregation.” – @jdavidtrotter #ICSEX #
  • If you are dealing with infidelity is to find someone you can confide in. We heal in community. – @nicolewick #ICSEX #
  • If you’re considering an affair, it will rob you of things you didn’t know you had… – @jdavidtrotter #ICSEX #
  • God will bring you back, but you need to deal with the consequences. It takes time to heal. – @TonyGWood #ICSEX #
  • RT @crystalrenaud: Session about #Gracenomics with @MikeFoster‘s talking head. #ICSEX #
  • RT @JustUsYouth: We have a ‘vulture culture’. We feed off of people’s failures. We need more grace. – @MikeFoster via @theideacamp #ICSEX #
  • RT @JustUsYouth: It’s tragic that we experience grace but we don’t extend it. @MikeFoster via @theideacamp #ICSEX #
  • RT @gregrussinger: #icsex main recurring theme through @theideacamp is “community”, we are a human being when we are being human. #
  • RT @crystalrenaud: Johan Khalilian speaking on Hope. And being a “professional virgin.” Hilarious/awesome! #ICSEX #
  • cool fashion show right now from … fighting human trafficking. #ICSEX
  • about the work of Freedom & Fashion… #ICSEX


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