Is the Bible relevant in a secular workplace?

That’s the question that I was suddenly confronted with during a mentoring session by a VP with whom I worked closely. We were studying a book together, and I expressed that some of the principles didn’t jive completely with my Christian world view. So I was (respectfully) challenged to define what my world view would say about managing and leading in our workplace.

That’s when my blog management by God was born! For almost two years I wrote regularly about Biblical principles and how I believed they applied to leadership in the workplace. I’m retiring that blog after nearly two years of inactivity. Because I don’t want to loose some of the stuff that I wrote there, I decided to repost some of it here…

The Manager-Leader

The Executive-Leader

Lessons from Proverbs

Lessons from Leaders (Book of Judges)


management by God [the end of an era]

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