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Written by Dan King

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July 7, 2008

One of the CDs that is getting the most playtime with me these days is After Edmund’s debut album titled Hello. If you have not heard of them yet, then now is the time to check them out. They have an amazing sound, and you can certainly feel their heart for worship.

Their name is a clever twist off of the C.S. Lewis character of Edmund in the Chronicles of Narnia books. You may remember that Edmund was the kid that had a change of heart after betraying his brother and sisters to follow the White Witch, and was later redeemed by Aslan and joined the fight against the witch. This really touches the heart of what this band seems to really be about. They realize that they are another living, breathing example of God’s amazing grace.

Songs like “Thank God”, “Like a Dream”, and “Clouds” have become tracks that I know have influenced others around me as well. Friends that have previously never listened to Christian music are starting to sing the praises of After Edmund. Check them out here…

[youtube EOfYaJsjEOY Video :: After Edmund – Clouds (Live)] 

Now, buy the CD. It is a must have for every Christian music collection…

Hello CD
By After Edmund / Slanted Records

Sophisticated and complex musically yet lyrically direct and accessible, After Edmund is poised to take the Christian music scene by storm. Kicking off their debut album with the swirling chords of “Clouds” and the frenetic, driving “Thank God”, After Edmund tackles themes of a desperate desire to feel God’s presence, being honest in the midst of pain and losing everything to truly find Christ. Hello adeptly captures the crackling energy of the band’s powerful, kick-out-the-slats live shows.


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music monday :: After Edmund, Hello

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