This is part three of the lesson on the Mature point for the Focus Young Adults Ministry. The focus of this part of the lesson is on discussing ideas that allow you to work out your faith in such a way that we would become more mature Christians. After this lesson, we have already completed two of the four ideas that we created during this meeting: (1) we had a night that we went out and had prayer over “strongholds” in our city, and (2) we held a Movie On The Lawn “outreach” event where we played Facing the Giants for free, and also gave away hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn.

We also discussed what this maturity looks like, and why it is so important for us to mature as Christians.

[youtube 3T8xMpqPyBI Video :: Focus Lesson: Got Maturity?, Part 3 of 4] 

Questions to consider:

  1. What sorts of prayer activities can you do now, and create a habit of doing, that will help you to grow in Christ through your dialogue with Him? Are there things in the city that you live in that need to be prayed over? What about globally? Are there social issues that are important to you that you could be praying for regularly? What about the persecuted church around the world?
  2. What kinds of things should you be studying right now in order to mature your Christian thinking? Do you need to focus on Bible study, and digging into the Word itself? How about studying differences in world views so that you can better understand how your thinking compares to that of others around you? What about other lifestyle topics, like world religions, or science, and other things that people may have strong feelings about?
  3. How can you experience the sharing of God’s love by reaching out into your community? It may be evangelistic events like drama productions or street witnessing. Or it may be in “just because” campaign designed to just love and not preach. God commanded us to “Go”, so what can you do to obey that command today?
  4. Now take a look at the church body. What can you do to express love to one another in such a way that “this is how the world will know that [we] are [Jesus’] disciples”? It should not be a statement like “I’d like to do such-and-such”, but rather it should be the humble question of “what do you need me to do for you?”. How can you bless the body today?
  5. What would you say that your own maturity as a Christian would look like? How dedicated are you getting to that point in your life? Why is it so important for you mature in Christ?



by Dan King time to read: 2 min