Have you ever doubted God?

I know. That’s a loaded question, right? I know that I can say that I’ve struggled from time to time with my doubts. And if you’re completely honest about it, then you probably have at some point in your walk with Christ too. Most of us have our doubts, but few of us are willing to actually talk about them.

Why is that?

Do we feel like that if we doubt God that we’re somehow walking away from our salvation in Him? Or maybe we feel like we’re supposed to be strong and suck it up and put on this show like we have it all together.

I sometimes wonder if guys like Abraham, the father of faith, ever doubted. I imagine that when he got the instruction to go sacrifice his son Issac that he must’ve doubted God, even if just for a moment. Wouldn’t you?

I wonder if it’s not as important that we doubt God (because we most likely will), but what we do with that doubt. Doubt can be an important part of having faith. Do you agree?

The book

Writer/speaker Jason Boyett recently released a book about this topic called O me of little faith: True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling. In this book Boyett shares the stories about his doubts, and explores things like how we doubt, why we doubt, and what to do about it.

The project

Are you interested in getting a free autographed copy of this book? I’m giving away a copy, but you’ll have to work for this one! You can enter this drawing the following ways…

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The videos

o me of little faith [the vlog project]

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