authentic christianitySometimes we need to get our world rocked.

As I’ve read through Andrew Farley’s The Naked Gospel, that is exactly what has been happening to me. I’ve often found myself reading through the pages of this book asking myself whether or not I agree with what Farley is trying to tell me. In fact, Farley anticipates this type of response by giving the reader ‘fair warning’ in the introduction to the book…

You might throw this book down in disgust; you might pick it back up again in curiosity; you might shake your head in frustration as you wonder, “How could I have missed this before?” or “Is this guy crazy?”

The Naked Gospel presents some ideas that many mainstream Christians may not agree with. But the thing that I love about this book is how Farley uses great exegesis of the Scriptures to back up his points. He uses a great deal of Scripture, and presents the appropriate historical context the help the reader really understand what the passages mean. This is something that is much needed in the church today!

I’ve regularly caught myself questioning whether I agreed with Farley or not, but I’ve also recognized that it is difficult to argue against what he presents. This book will make you rethink what you believe about things like salvation, sin, and what it means to be a Christian. But be careful! If you start believing what Farley has to say, some people might start labeling you as a heretic or something crazy like that… 

Farley’s is not the first book to attempt to define an authentic Christianity.

The naked gospel [is] discovering what was the gospel which our Lord and his apostles preached; what additions and alterations latter ages have made in it; what advantages and damages have thereupon ensued.
                                                                                                                        — Arthur Bury, 1691

Arthur Bury’s book titled The Naked Gospel was burned by the church of his day.

I do not expect you to agree with everything that the author has to share, but I do ask you to join in a respectful conversation over some important theology that could just change your life. May this book challenge the way you think. May you consider the Truth of the New Covenant. May the idea of Jesus plus nothing strengthen your relationship with your Creator. Amen!



[the naked gospel] introduction

by Dan King time to read: 2 min