@theideacamp sex abuse week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

Written by Dan King

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July 31, 2010

Dang… I thought #ICSEX Porn Week was tough…

But this issue of sexual abuse was more difficult that I could have imagined. I’m still in shock at some of the stories and perspectives that I’ve read. If I could give an online version of a standing ovation to those who shared this week, then I will be the first one on my feet.

During #ICSEX Sexual Abuse Week, people shared some very personal stories that simply broke my heart… in many different ways.

Here’s the weekly round-up of contributions:

  • The Weight of Sexual Abuse
    Heidi Bylsma talks about the abuse she experienced as a child at the hand of her father, and how it manifested itself in weight problems.
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Carole Turner shares her experience as a child, and how it left her feeling dirty, shameful, and scared.
  • How Sexual Abuse Affects Us Today
    Mary DeMuth talks about her abuse by other young boys when she was only five years-old, and how she found healing and comfort in a loving God.
  • #ICSEX: Sexual Abuse
    Seiji Yamashita discusses the perceptions that many of us have of others… until we realize the source of their behavior.
  • Control-Issues
    Sarah Markley opens up about the fears of a parent, and needing to trust that God will protect our little ones.
  • !CSEX: Let’s Talk About Sexual Abuse
    Evelyn Fazzio Chaisson focuses on healing power of prayer for victims of sexual abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse – A Man’s Story
    Chris Goforth shares his story of abuse as a boy, and how it rattled so many aspects of his life for many years to come.
  • Behind the Numbers of Sexual Abuse
    Dan King (me) takes a look at the numbers showing how widespread of an issue this really is, and challenges people to look at dealing with the root before it escalates into actual abuse.
  • Carry Them Gently
    Cheryl Smith interviews a close friend who is victim of childhood sexual abuse. This post has some great insight into the heart and mind of the victim, and some amazing resources and advice for other victims.

And there were a couple others talking sex on their blogs this week, but not directly related to sexual abuse:

  • Talking About Sex
    Deidra Riggs discusses how it should be normal for people to talk about sex, and how many often shut down or avoid conversation on ‘such topics’.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Incredible Sex in Marriage
    Amber Haines has a guest blogger who discusses what ‘healthy’ looks like as it relates to sexuality, and how sex is (and should be) a beautiful thing.

Let’s keep this conversation going… Which of these posts impacted you the most? Why? What other perspectives on sexual abuse do you think are important to share/consider?

Coming up next: Gender – Week beginning Sunday, August 8th
What does it mean to be a man? Or a woman? Society today would give a large variety of definitions and events that it takes to ‘become a man/woman’. This discussion will focus on defining gender identity and roles, but can also cover factors that may prompt confusion about what it means to be a certain gender. We also want to discuss gender roles in the church. If you’re interested in participating in this conversation, then let us know in the comments or contact @bibledude on Twitter.

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@theideacamp sex abuse week wrap-up [#ICSEX]

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