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UPDATE: You can now get the Philippians Community Commentary, enhanced with additional Bible study tools, on Kindle!

It’s likely that the first time the Gospel was preached in all of Europe, it was done by Paul in Philippi. And that was an interesting trip (see Acts 16)…

After being “forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia,” Paul and his entourage arrived in Philippi to convert Lydia, get arrested for casting out demons, and subsequently convert the jailer after an earthquake flung open the doors to the prison cells. So the European church was born!

And it was to this church that Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians.

In this online group study on the epistle, we’ll be working through the entire book one passage at a time. Bloggers and writers from various backgrounds will lead us through the discussion as if we were sitting in someone’s living room together talking through this amazing piece of Scripture.

Here’s our posting schedule:

So stay tuned for some great discussion, and please feel free to jump into the comments and share your thoughts! In the meantime, here are a few things that you can do right now…

  • Read the Epistle to the Philippians in it’s entiretyseveral times. In order to best understand individual statements in Paul’s writing, it helps to get a good feel for the the tone of the whole book. I recommend  that you read it at least three times, once in each of the different styles of translations:
    • Literal (word-for-word) translation like ESV
    • Dynamic equivalent (thought-for-thought) translation like NIV
    • Paraphrase (free) translation like The Message
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