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Last Summer I shared a list of 7 fascinating books [for your summer reading list]. But this year the team has grown a little bit, and I wanted to share what our contributors think is worthwhile for the time that we spend with our face buried in a book, Kindle, Nook, or whatever else you use to read.

And over the course of the Summer, we’ll be sharing reviews, interviews, and other perspectives on several of the books in this list. We hope you enjoy, and are moved by some of the stuff in this list!

Recommendations by Dan King, Founder and Managing Editor

  • Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society by Timothy Willard and Jason Locy
    Rarely do I ever have a book literally smack me in the face like this one did. The message of this one book is an important one for the church today if we say we want to have a real relationship with our Awesome God.
  • Movements That Change the World by Steve Addison
    This one is on my list because I believe that we can all play a role in changing the world, and I’ve recently become somewhat a student of faith-based movements.
  • When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor. . .and Yourself by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
    This book was sent to me by a friend, and has been both challenging and validating. Through this book I’ve been able to see what I’ve been doing right in missions, but also discovered some mindsets and practices that really need to be dealt with.

Recommendations by Mark Lafler, READ Editor

  • The Lost World of Genesis One by John H. Walton
    I have a theological interest in Genesis 1 and John Walton is one of the foremost Old Testament scholars today. The book deals with exegetical issues of Genesis 1 as well as contemporary issues concerning the origins debate.
  • The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life by Karl Barth
    I have not read much of Karl Barth who is considered one of the greatest theologians in the modern era. I would like to read more of his works and this book, which deals with ethics, is very appealing.
  • A Primer on Postmodernism by Stanley J. Grenz
    The late Stan Grenz is a favorite theologian of mine and I have enjoyed his other books and articles that I have read. Postmodernism is an important element to understand and I would like to have Grenz persepective on the issue.

Recommendations by Duane Scott, PRAY Editor

  • Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
    This is a book that requires special attention. It’s a message long overdue to America. Idleman is spreading a message we all want / need to hear. As I’m reading the book, I want to buy a ton of copies for the people in my life.. And I’m a becoming more of a follower and less of a fan of Jesus.
  • When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin
    This one gives such a respect for life itself and it moved me to tears so many times, that it gets my fullest support!
  • The Summit by Eric Alexander
    If anyone reads this book and is bored, they need to be seen by a specialist. Eric Alexander assisted the first blind man to the top of Mt. Everest, and he writes the entire book with a spiritual focus. One of the key things I learned from this book was trusting God and His guidance, even when I couldn’t see.

Recommendations by Crystal Rowe, SERVE Editor

  • Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    Although somewhat old, I read this one for the first time a few months ago and I was blown away. It’s fiction – based on the biblical story of Hosea and his prostitute wife. It brings up all sorts of issues related to prostitution and human trafficking, while at the same time giving a very beautiful portrayal of just how much God loves us … no matter how hard we try to run from it.
  • The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Broken by Naomi Zacharias
    Anticipating to finish it within the next week or so. So far, it is amazing. She talks with prostitutes, victims of domestic violence, survivors of the Indonesian tsunami, and all sorts of “broken” people, and as she hears their stories, she begins to wrestle with her own identity and life story.

Recommendations from other Bloggers

In addition to our editorial team, there are lots of other amazing people that contribute content to this site, and a few of them had some recommendations to add to the list:

What are you reading this Summer? Please feel free to add your recommendations in the comments below…

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