In an effort to better understand what’s bringing people to (and what’s keeping them here), I’ve been looking at my Google Analytics a little closer. The list below represents the top 10 posts by pageviews during the month of January 2011. I notice a few interesting trends here…

  1. book review: aftershock by @kentannan (most total and unique pageviews)
  2. the @bibledude giveaway marathon (lowest bounce rate)
  3. [servolution chapter 5] hurricane katrina: the day the levees broke
  4. the apostle paul in arabia
  5. wordless wednesday :: dying of malaria in africa
  6. wordless wednesday :: kids in haiti trash dump
  7. marriage or cohabitation? (longest average time on page)
  8. the orphan i am [a theology of adoption]
  9. i have a dream…
  10. short story [justice]: cruelty at the playground

What do you notice about this list? Does anything stand out to you about the type of content that seems to be drawing people here? What content here (either listed or not) seems to resonate with you the most?

books, poverty, and marriage: [january 2011 top content]

by Dan King time to read: 1 min