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It’s been an incredible year! We officially moved to a multi-blogger format. We passed over 1,000 posts and half a million published words. And we’ve experienced continued, steady growth (over 70% per year for each of the last three years).

We’ve even released the first book in the BibleDude Series… The Unlikley Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter.

And as I look back at the work that’s been done here over this past year, I’m really proud of what we’ve done. But I want to highlight 11 posts that really stood out and define what this year was all about (listed in no particular order)…

  1. how to read the bible [with amazement]
  2. fatherless generation [group blogging project]
  3. hell: the conversation [12 quotes from rob bell and francis chan]
  4. i am love [thoughts on the #freetolive tour]
  5. open letter to @annvoskamp [a review of #1000gifts]
  6. the official 2011 [summer reading list]
  7. marriage or cohabitation?
  8. book review: aftershock by @kentannan
  9. the pastor and the secular job
  10. paul’s epistle to the philippians [online group study]
  11. i’m a killer too

We’d also love to hear what stuff resonated the most with you in 2011, at your blog or someone else’s. If there’s a blog post that you’re particularly proud of, or one that impacted you on someone else’s site, then please add the link to it below and leave a comment about why you added it to the list…

a look back: the top 11 from 2011

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