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Written by Dan King

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July 5, 2009

In May of 2009 I joined a team of businessmen from around the United States as Five Talents International (FTI) sent us out for a Business as Mission (BAM) Trip to Kenya and Uganda. FTI is a faith-based organization that fights poverty with microfinance. They work in areas where there is extreme poverty and help to provide small (micro-) loans to people to help them start businesses that help them pull themselves out of poverty.

The BAM Trip that Five Talents sent us out on is designed to support the local microfinance programs. We went to teach two-day seminars on basic Christian business skills that help the loan clients to be more successful with their businesses. We taught things like how to choose a business, marketing, finances and record-keeping, and how to build a business plan.

While on this trip I journaled many of my thoughts and experiences. I wanted to share those thoughts and experiences here….

So get a cup of coffee or tea (preferably from Kenya or Uganda), get comfortable, and enjoy the journey! And for more of the experience than what is shared in this ‘africa diaries’ series, then check out everything that is tagged with africa ’09 as a part of this mission trip.


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the africa diaries

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